“Caring for Life and Death” Conference

  • Group photo of guests

  • The nursing field focuses on the development of life and dead education

Hosted by Nursing Education Association of Macao, co-hosted by Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) and Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC), the "Caring for Life and Death 2015" academic conference was held in MPI in 26 September 2015. The conference was subsidized by the Macao Foundation and Macao Tertiary Education Office. 

The conference aimed to help the attendees to have a deeper understanding about their clients and have self-reflection about their attitude to life and death. Prof. Ji Jie Fang from Taiwan delivered a lecture on "Discussion on the development of life education — life education in Macao", Hong Kong Consultant Liu Chun Fong gave a speech on "Facing Death and dying, how clinical nurse can be prepared", Prof. Zhu Ming Xia gave a talk on "The third love" and Dr. Wong Yan form MPI elaborated on the "The practice in life and death education in nursing education of Macau". When it came to the sharing session, the clinical nurses, the hospital clergymen, the clients and nursing teachers discussed over the topic "The meaning of accompany — nurses and life & death".

Attendees of the seminar included Io Iok Fong — Functional Head of Tertiary Education Services Office of Macao, Ung Pui Kun — General Secretary of Kiang Wu Charitable Association, administrators of the local nursing field, representatives of the nursing associations, nursing educators, clinical nurses and nursing students, in a total number of more than 400 people.