Alumni of the 28th Session Revisit Their Alma Mater

  • Friendship lasts between College and its alumni (please refer to the body text for alumni’s names)

  • Taking photos in front of drawings of memorable nursing uniforms of different ages

  • All fond and precious school memories are brought back when looking at the laboratory models

  • Teacher Lo Un Fan and alumni of the 28th session in the classroom

  • Group photo with the Nightingale statue

Alumni of the 28th session visited the College for a reunion on 21 October 2015. Led by Vice-President of Alumni Association Leong Cheok Vai and Chair of Board of Directors Lau Gar Bo, a total of 20 alumni and their families and teachers had a tour at the College. Flashbacks and memories of their school years were brought back during the tour. Meanwhile, they expressed care about the development of the College. Witnessing the prosperous development of the College, the alumni felt proud and grateful for their alma mater. The group took photos at different areas of the College and shared their happy moments as students back then. When visiting one of the classrooms, the group urged their teacher Ms. Lo Un Fan to give a lecture again and the visit ended with laughter and joy. The visit totally showed the everlasting friendship between the College and its alumni, and the College would like to express heartfelt thanks to all members who have contributed to the College therefore leading to its success today. College wishes all alumni good health and looking forward to seeing one another at the new campus soon.


Names of Alumni (starting from right to left in photo 1):

1st row: Choi Iong Choi (Hong Kong), Chou Sok Chi (Australia), Lo
Un Fan (Class Adviser of the 28th session), Cheong Wai Heng (Macao), Hon Sio Ha (Macao)

2nd row: Lau Gar Bo (Macao), Ng Wai Cheng (Hong Kong-former Academic Executive Officer of the College)

3rd row: Kwong Wai Chan (Hong Kong), Yao Un Heng (Hong Kong), Tam Kit Yee (Hong Kong), Sit Kam Peng (Hong Kong), Wong Sok Chan (Macao), Leong Cheok Vai (Macao)