KWNC Convenes Programme Committee Meeting for BSN Programme

  • (From right) Education Department Executive Officer Leong Sok Man, Programme Leader Ng Wai I, Deputy Programme Leader Wang Sichen

  • Programme Committee meeting for BSN Programme

KWNC convened the Programme Committee meeting for Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (BSN) for the first semester of Academic Year 2015/2016 in the afternoon of 23 October, chaired by BSN Programme Leader Assistant Professor Ng Wai I. Attendees included representative of nursing preceptors Huang Min (Head Nurse of Kiang Wu Hospital), representative of clinical placement institutions Wong Ha I (Head Nurse of Conde de São Januário Central Hospital), subject teachers, Librarian and student representatives of KWNC.

In the meeting, subject teachers reported the status of teaching and learning; student representatives also presented their comments on each subject. Attendees then made a comprehensive discussion and review on quality assurance measures and approved the amendments for the Programme Definitive Document.