KWNC Students Promote AIDS Knowledge to Community through Promotional Activity

  • Students promoting AIDS information to tourists at Senado Square

  • Group photo of guests and Glory of Care members

  • One of the missions of Glory of Care is to spread love to the community

In response to the World AIDS Day on 1 December and to raise the understanding of global awareness of HIV in the community, KWNC's Glory of Care, a Sub-club of Students' Union organized a promotional activity “Find the Way to Love Orienteering Competition” in the Santo António parish district on 29 November, funded by the Tertiary Education Services Office of the Macao Government. This activity is in accordance with the theme “Getting to Zero” of World AIDS Day 2015, which is to spread the message of “zero discrimination, zero new infection, zero death”. 

Representative of Tertiary Education Services Office Chan Man Kan, Coordinator of Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of Health Bureau Dr. Leong Iek Hou, President Che Hang In and Chair of Board of Directors Cheang Si Lok of Macao AIDS Care Association, Director of External Affairs of Students' Union of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau Sit Ka Fai, Mentor Ms. Lo Man Sao and President Hoi I San of Glory of Care were present at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at KWNC Lecture Theatre. 

Hoi I San mentioned in her speech that although Macao is a low-incidence area of AIDS, the number of residents infected with HIV has increased. Furthermore, current studies have shown that the knowledge about AIDS is inadequate among teenagers therefore it is very imperative to guide the youth with correct value and strengthen their understanding of AIDS. She hoped that through this activity, the understanding of AIDS among Macao residents can be raised so as to diminish stereotype and discrimination against AIDS within the community. 

The Orienteering Competition started from Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau and participants, who were students from different higher education institutions of Macao, had to stop at four scenery spots in Santo António parish district including Tap Seac Square, Luís de Camões Garden, Ruins of St. Paul's and Senado Square to complete missions related to promotion of AIDS knowledge. During the competition, participants needed to seek help from citizens and tourists in order to complete some of the missions. For instance, they had to ask passengers for correct answers of AIDS prevention, collect inspirational phrases, shake hands and take photos with others while carrying “will you shake hands with me if I have HIV?” board. The aim of the missions was to spread correct information to the public that normal physical contact such as handshaking and hugging would not spread the virus so as to eliminate discrimination against HIV-infected people. The activity has successfully drawn the public's attention and received tremendous positive feedback. Furthermore, a microfilm “Love, AIDS Free” was played for participants at KWNC as a conclusion to deepen their knowledge of AIDS.