KWNC and Consultant Doctor from Hong Kong Organize Workshop on Dementia

  • Dr. Dai demonstrating assessment and diagnosis procedures for suspected dementia cases

  • Group photo of Dr. Dai and participants

To enhance cohesion of medical professionals as well as to promote standardized assessment and diagnosis procedures on dementia, a “Medical Professionals Training Workshop” was co-organized by Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, Macau Sun Yat-sen Association of Medical Sciences and Macau Alzheimer's Disease Association to train medical professionals on dementia-related topics. Dr. David Dai, Consultant Geriatrician from Prince of Wales Hospital, Hospital Authority was invited to share and discuss cases with the participants.

The “Medical Professionals Training Workshop” took place at KWNC's Nursing & Health Education Research Centre on 28 November. A total of 50 participants from public and private institutions including doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers attended. Dr. Dai had interviews and physical examinations with a few suspected cases of elderly with dementia and explained relevant assessment results and highlights. Participants reflected that the real time diagnosis process has helped them gain better understanding of dementia as well as the assessment and diagnosis techniques. Many participants enthusiastically raised questions for Dr. Dai on further diagnosis skills and the use of charts. Through this workshop, professionals from different expertise were able to have active discussions and exchanges.