KWNC Open Day Activities Enable Visitors to Experience School Life of Nursing Students

  • Visitor having osteoporosis measurement at Mong Ha Campus

  • First-aid team demonstrating CPR skills

  • Visitors studying the human body model at General Laboratory

  • Nursing students demonstrating wound care procedures

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) organized Open Day on 16 January from 10a.m. to 5p.m. Both the Main Campus and Mong Ha Campus were open, attracting nearly 400 secondary school graduating students and visitors. With different activities including seminars, game booths and workshops, the College's educational philosophy and curriculum were introduced. The nursing laboratories and library were also open, allowing visitors to learn more and experience the school life of nursing students.

A number of activities and docents by nursing students were available for the visitors. The Sub-club of Students' Union "Glory of Care" and "First-aid Team" set up booths to promote sex education and first aid techniques respectively. "Society of Elderly Health Promotion" provided a series of health check-ups for visitors. In addition, student recruitment consultation, seminars and nursing booths were available at both campuses for interested students to gain an understanding of KWNC's learning environment and nursing education while at the same time promoting health information to the public.

Some local secondary schools also organized their students to pay visit to the College. Some graduating students expressed interests in the nursing sector due to the increased concern it gains from society in recent years. The students believed they are able to develop a promising career in the nursing sector as the prospect of nursing is splendid. In addition, some expressed that to study nursing will not only enable them to help people heal, but also allow them to take better care of their family and friends. Some students spent more than an hour at the campus where they could experience simulated intravenous and intramuscular injections and other learning activities. And through these experiences they expressed they had learnt more about the mission and professionalism of nurses. Parents who came with their children also found the activities at Mong Ha Campus interesting and educational. Through the tours to Childbearing and Adolescent Nursing Laboratory, Adult Nursing Laboratory, and Geriatric and Rehabilitation Nursing Laboratory, they felt as if they had travelled through the human life cycle and learnt the significance of nursing, and would therefore support their children to go for nursing studies.