KWNC Representatives Attend the 2nd Asian Congress in Nursing Education and Elaborate Macao Nursing Education Characteristics

  • Group photo of participants at the 2nd Asian Congress in Nursing Education (2016 ACiNE)

  • KWNC delegates hosting symposium session themed "Nursing Education of from Personhood to Benevolence"

  • Assistant Professor Wong Choi Peng at the oral presentation session

  • Assistant Professor Mao Aimei contributing in two oral presentations

  • Associate Professor Hu Xiao Xia (left) and Lecturer Chen Sijuan (right) taking part in poster presentation

  • The poster co-authored by Teacher Lo Mei Wa (right 2) and Nurse Hong Kam Wai has won the best poster award

  • Group photo of KWNC delegation and President of Taiwan Association of Nursing Education Professor Huang Mei-Chih (right 5)

  • Clinical Instructor Lo Mei Wa Conferred The Best Poster Award

  • Congress Chair Encourages KWNC to Organize ACiNE

  • KWNC Delegates, Congress Chair and Participants Explore the Beauty of Taiwan

  • KWNC delegation visiting the dementia day care centre at Dongmen, Tainan

  • KWNC Delegates Gain Experience from CTUST

A delegation of 10 KWNC staff members led by President Van Iat Kio attended the "2nd Asian Congress in Nursing Education" (ACiNE) at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan on 26 to 28 January. Through international academic exchanges, it is hoped that the standards and qualities of nursing education across the regions can be raised. The Congress was hosted by Taiwan Association of Nursing Education (TANE) and Department of Nursing, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, and KWNC was one of the co-organizers of the Congress. With the theme "Innovative Nursing Education for Universal Health Care", scholars and representatives from 19 countries took part. Of which, countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" including Hong Kong, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam were present. Approximately 570 nursing educators participated in the Congress to discuss current innovative education methods and challenges faced. It is hoped that through in-depth discussions of the topics and collaborations between participants from various regions, the quality of nursing education can be enhanced. Keynote speeches this year were magnificent; speakers included renowned nursing theorist from the United States Dr. Afaf Meleis, nursing expert of the United Kingdom and Chief Editor of Journal of Clinical Nursing Dr. Roger Watson, Board Member of International Council of Nurses and President of The Nurses' Association of Thailand Dr. Jintana Yunibhand, and Vice President of Kaohsiung Medical University of Taiwan Professor Wang Hsiu-Hung were invited. Plenary speakers from the United States, Australia and Japan were also present to share their experiences. 

One of the symposium sessions themed "Nursing Education of from Personhood to Benevolence"  was moderated by President Van Iat Kio and presented by Assistant Professor Ng Wai I, Au Mio Leng of KWNC and Deputy Head Nurse Lao Sio Wa of Kiang Wu Hospital. In this session, the experience of nursing programme reform and review, teaching mode and methods using Simman as well as the teaching strategy for ensuring clinical nursing care quality were discussed. Through presentation of relevant topics, it is hoped that the characteristics of nursing education in Macao could be gradually promoted to others and to guide them to think further for the nursing education needed for the new generation. Five other teachers of KWNC also made oral and poster presentation, of which, the poster co-authored by Clinical Instructor Lo Mei Wa and Nurse Hong Kam Wai outstood among the 300 posters on the floor and was awarded the best poster award. KWNC also received invitations from other participating institutions to join alliance with them by continuously exchanging information with one another through online platforms so that the spirits of the Congress can be further brought forth. The upcoming ACiNE will take place in Indonesia in 2018.

During their stay in Tainan, the delegation also visited the dementia day care centre at Dongmen district and had active discussions with the head and officers of the centre regarding dementia care.