KWNC Holds Theme Talk on Care for Dementia and Promotion of Life and Education

  • Professor Zhu Mingxia shares the meaning of cherishing life through life education

  • Associate Professor Zeng Wen and four Benevolence Youth Ambassadors sharing their experiences about the activities

  • More than a hundred students and teachers take part in the theme talk

KWNC organized a theme talk on 4 March and more than a hundred students and teachers gathered together and shared the achievements of the activity series on "Benevolence Youth Ambassador" and "Life Education". Four ambassadors shared to audience the preparation processes about the activities and expressed that the importance of teamwork was well learnt from such experiences. In addition, they believed that the initiatives of caring for patients with dementia should begin with the younger generation. On the other hand, Professor Zhu Mingxia and other nursing teachers organized lectures and sharing sessions at primary and secondary schools in Macao and co-organized series of activities on life education with various institutions and associations to promote life education to different population in the community. Through the sharing of experiences of facing life and death of one self and patients, it is hoped that the idea of "affecting life with life" can be brought forth. 

Benevolence Youth Ambassador organized different activities including microfilm, lecture, exhibition and brochure as educational channels to call on the care for older adults with dementia among friends, families, neighbours as well as the general public. Students who took part in the production of microfilm and brochure believed that these activities not only attempt to raise the understanding of dementia to the community, but also create a platform for interprofessional exchange. Student Sun stated that one should not just talk the talk but to walk the walk when talking about respecting and taking care of the older adults and such initiatives should be led by the younger generation. She also claimed that these activities allow students to contribute to society by applying what they have learnt especially as a nursing student, through which the sense of responsibility and recognition of the profession can be enhanced.  

Associate Professor Zeng Wen explained that the promotion of dementia is no longer restricted to older adults; such knowledge should be taught to the younger generation so that they can learn to pay more attention and care for the older people around them. He mentioned that the "Benevolence Youth Ambassador" activities have received compliments from Alzheimer's Disease International and the microfilm is being played on the websites of some member countries.

To evoke teenagers" awareness of the value of life as well as to build up positive life values, Professor Zhu Mingxia and other nursing teachers have organized many lectures, workshops and sharing sessions at schools in Macao. A book on life and death education named "Love Life, Love Action" was also published and presented to various private and public institutions and libraries to promote the values of "cherish life, live in the moment". It is hoped that through different channels of promotion, such values could be spread to the youth as well as other population in society. 

After the series of activities to different schools in Macao, Professor Zhu Mingxia studied that the stresses in primary and secondary school students are mostly from studies, examination, homework, parents' expectation as well as peer relationship. She hoped that the youth can further explore their interests, and be calm and courageous in facing their daily life. She also hoped students could reflect and think further through this series of "Life Education" activities so that their abilities in crisis and stress management can be enhanced.

At the end of the talk, the microfilm "love life" was played to the audience. The film talks about the stories of three kids diagnosed with cancer from which the messages about the meaning of life is carried out.