KWNC President Van Iat Kio Introduces the Current State and Development of Health Care Manpower of Macao

  • Administrative Officer Se Chun Weng of ISCR, MUST presenting Certificate of Appreciation to KWNC President Van

  • President Van receives warm and friendly welcome from MUST students

Invited by the Institute for Social and Cultural Research (ISCR) of Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), KWNC President Van Iat Kio attended the "Macau Society" lecture series as a keynote speaker on "The Current State and Development of Health Care Manpower of Macao" at the library of MUST on 10 March. 

President Van indicated that the ageing population in Macao is increasing and speeding up dramatically. In addition to the prevalence of chronic diseases at a younger age as well as the threat of infectious diseases, the needs for health care manpower have increased accordingly. Although the number of doctors in Macao is considered adequate comparing to other high income countries and districts, there is still a huge gap between the number of specialists and nurses in Macao and those countries. Macao is therefore facing various challenges in terms of the inadequate number of health care manpower, the instability of health care personnel as well as the lack of local senior nursing talents.

President Van suggested that the efforts of recruitment and nurture of health care personnel should be strengthened by devising comprehensive manpower planning, optimizing the management and promoting a positive employment environment. It is also suggested to attract more talents to stay in Macao for further career development. Also, we should nurture more local talents by attracting aspiring individuals to enrol on health care and nursing studies.

Through this lecture, the current state and development of health care manpower of Macao was introduced to students of non-health care disciplines, and it is hoped that the younger generation can gain further understanding of the situation of health care manpower in Macao.