Sixteen PSBH Projects Completed by Year 4 Students

  • Year 4 students presenting their project findings

  • Associate Professor Leong Sok Man providing feedback for students

  • Associate Professor Zeng Wen providing feedback for students

  • Students working on the topic of life and death education presenting their project findings

  • Many Year 3 students are present to gain reference from their senior schoolmates

The “42nd PSBH Follow-up Workshop” was held at the Lecture Theatre of KWNC Main Campus on 31 March. A total of 16 PSBH projects by Year 4 students were completed, including topics of chronic diseases, life and death education, emotion management, dementia, physical fitness and diet whose target participants involved children, secondary school students, university students, women, patients and caregivers.

The follow-up workshop took place in two sessions where students were divided into groups for presentation of the 16 projects. Associate Professor Leong Sok Man and Zeng Wen, Assistant Professor Xing Zhihong and Lecturer Lok Ka I were present as reviewers to provide feedback for students. They commented that the topics were carefully chosen, among which the physical fitness programme, health education for caregivers of dementia patients, and life and death education are popular topics for the College and today’s society. The reviewers also commented that students showed improvement in literature review and academic writing format. It was suggested that they should spend more effort to study the health problems of people around them in earlier assessment stage. In addition, students should make better use of literature review in making discussion and comparison for a fuller analysis, which would be more helpful in assessing the effectiveness of the project and providing suggestions for improvement.

Although students appeared to be nervous during the presentation, group members in the life and death education project believed that such experiences allowed them to identify their weaknesses. These experiences were also helpful to their further studies and master’s researches. They expressed that they were required to undergo a lot of research, data collection and statistical works during the PSBH process, and from which they noticed their weaknesses in statistics. It was therefore suggested that the subject of Statistics could be included in students’ third year of studies which could help them do better in PSBH projects and other researches.