Principal Lau Sin Peng Shares Anti-War Experience and Stories of Kiang Wu

  • Principal Lau Sin Peng encourages students to pass on the Kiang Wu traditions

  • Students reflect they have learnt from this theme talk the glorious history of Kiang Wu Hospital during the Anti-Japanese War

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) organized a theme talk on 1 April and experienced educator and College's Advisory Committee member Principal Lau Sin Peng was invited to share the stories of Kiang Wu Hospital during the Anti-Japanese War, in an effort to inspire students to pay more care and attention to social and world affairs. It is also hoped that students could bear the history in mind, especially the heroic and persevering spirits Chinese people possessed during that period from which students could learn and pass on the Kiang Wu culture.

Principal Lau shared many heroic stories of Macao people during the anti-war period. For instance, the education sector initiated anti-war promotional works as soon as the war broke out. Different industries immediately responded by donating money to support the frontline youngsters and health care personnel who joined the army force, which fully reflected the patriotic spirit of Macao people. Principal Lau mentioned that there were six major missions to be accomplished by Kiang Wu during the Anti-Japanese War, namely (1) provide medical support, disaster relief and coffin for free, (2) take the initiative in organizing Kiang Wu salvation and first-aid teams to take part in the rescue, (3) provide financial support to the ravages of war under poor political situations, (4) heal the wounded guerrillas, (5) treat wounded anti-war fighters and rescue cultural elites, and (6) accommodate, cure, educate and settle 400 unclaimed child refugees. She also mentioned the words and deeds of Dr. Ke Lin, who has made significant contributions by leading his staff and students during the war. Among the staff, Leong Sao Chan and Lei Sio Iok were two of the important assistants of Dr. Ke in the salvation works. In addition, KWNC graduates Li Tie, Tsang Wan, Iam Yim Wa and Chu Pek have also joined the guerrilla force and became the hygienists in the Pearl River column. Principal Lau commented that the site of Kiang Wu Hospital should be listed as the heritage site for the anti-war and she hoped that students of KWNC can uphold the Kiang Wu traditions.

A student commented at the end of the theme talk that the history could be likely forgotten as time passes by. She was very grateful for having participated in this theme talk and learnt about the glorious history of Kiang Wu and Macao, and she was proud to be a local nursing student in KWNC. In addition, some teachers who were present in the theme talk asked Principal Lau about the methods of nurturing students' perseverance. Principal Lau expressed that in this era of information explosion, people tend to read the information shallowly. Less and less students are willing to do calligraphy or to read books nowadays, while the latter is actually a good method to train one's abstract thinking. She therefore suggested that students should read books and long articles at the same time developing their IT ability so that they can receive deeper knowledge which is helpful in training their thinking ability as well as in developing a habit of reading which will bring efficacy to their learning.