KWNC and Caritas Macau Exchange Life Education Experiences

  • Director Leong introducing Hoi Fai Centre to KWNC representatives

  • Representatives of both institutions are actively exchanging experiences in life education

  • Professor Zhu Mingxia presenting "Love Life, Love Action" book to the Centre

  • Hoi Fai Centre presenting souvenirs to KWNC representatives

  • Group photo of representatives of both institutions

KWNC Professor Zhu Mingxia, Assistant Professor Ng Wai I, Lecturer Lok Ka In, Chao Ka Kei and Li Xiang paid visit to the Centro de Apoio à Educação – Vida Triunfante (Hoi Fai Life Education Resources Centre) of Caritas Macau on 12 April and were warmly welcomed by the Centre's Director Mr. Leong Iao Hong and social worker Ms. Leong In San and Wong Lou Teng. 

Both institutions went on active exchanges on topics of life education lectures, activities, target participants and needs, etc. Director Leong explained that the main service of Hoi Fai Centre is to work on primary suicide prevention through the promotion of life-loving messages. It is hoped that through the spread of love and relevant information, people in need could seek timely help with channels available for them. Also, Mr. Leong expressed appreciation to KWNC for organizing numerous life education lectures which include clinical nursing experiences of nursing teachers themselves so that the messages delivered can be more convincing and influential to the public.

KWNC Professor Zhu Mingxia expressed that the initial intention of organizing life education subject was to strengthen the mental capacity of nursing students and to equip them with positive attitudes towards life and death cases they will face during clinical study. Not until when the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Centre of Moral Education invited them to organize lectures and sharing sessions at schools, they discovered the needs for promoting and popularizing life education to the public. Professor Zhu believed that Hoi Fai Centre is an excellent platform with broad social networks which for sure can promote life education to more people in the community.

A site tour to the Centre took place after the meeting. Both institutions are looking forward to cooperating with each other in the near future in order to make further contributions for life education in Macao.