Associate Professor Zeng Wen and Deputy Executive Officer Cheong Hoi Ieng Attend the 31st International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International

  • KWNC Associate Professor Zeng Wen and Deputy Executive Officer Cheong Hoi Ieng attend the 31st International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International to show concerns about dementia issues around the world

  • Associate Professor Zeng Wen attending the General Assembly Meeting of ADI and its member associations

  • Photo with ADI Chairman Dr. Glenn Rees (right 2) and Honorary Vice-Chairman Dr. Henry Brodaty (left 2)

  • Photo with Asia Pacific Regional Director of ADI Mr. Francis Wong (left 2) and representative of Alzheimer's Disease Association Singapore

KWNC Associate Professor and Chairman of Board of Directors of Macau Alzheimer's Disease Association (MADA) Zeng Wen and KWNC Deputy Executive Officer Cheong Hoi Ieng attended the "31st International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International" with the theme "Dementia: Global Perspective – Local Solutions" at Budapest Congress Centre, Hungary from 21 to 24 April 2016. Associate Professor Zeng Wen reported to leadership of Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) and representatives from Asia Pacific regions the status of dementia prevention works in Macao and KWNC as well as relevant assessment and education plans of MADA. The works and plans Associate Professor Zeng reported have received recognition from ADI and they both hoped that there can be more connection with Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association to further facilitate the works on promotion, assessment, professional training and education.

As stated by ADI, the world population of people with dementia has reached 47,000,000 in 2015, which indicates a new case in every 3.2 seconds. Therefore, the Conference this year focuses on discussing effective strategies for preventing dementia locally and internationally. It is aimed to enhance the understanding of dementia of the general public as well as to raise the acceptance and support for dementia patients and their caregivers in the community. Experts and scholars from around the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Hungary, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Finland, etc. shared different topics on the Conference including the latest information in epidemiological and clinical studies on dementia, latest drug and non-drug prevention methods, innovative viewpoints on dementia prevention and caregiving aspects, cultural and ethical consideration during dementia caregiving process, WHO’s policies on dementia prevention, and ways to promote national policies in terms of dementia.