KWNC Organizes Clinical Teaching Workshop to Exchange Experiences

  • President Van Iat Kio giving speech

  • Assistant Professor Ng Wai I giving a vote of thanks

  • Assistant Director of Kiang Wu Hospital Fok Wai Lan giving speech

  • Deputy Chief of Nursing Department of Kiang Wu Hospital Ng Ngai sharing her experiences

  • The workshop brings nursing preceptors together

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) organized the "Clinical Teaching Workshop 2015/2016" at the ballroom of Macau Tower on 29 April. Nursing Preceptors of Kiang Wu Hospital and alumni of volunteer teaching were invited to the event to share their teaching experiences and students' clinical study performances. KWNC took this opportunity to express gratitude to all nursing preceptors for their continuous and tireless efforts in nurturing nursing professionals for Macao.

Assistant Director of Kiang Wu Hospital Fok Wai Lan, Deputy Chief of Nursing Department of Kiang Wu Hospital Ng Ngai, representative of the Best Provider of Nursing Clinical Instruction Award winner (11S) Leong Ieng Chio, representative of the Best Nursing Preceptor Award winner Wong Peng Sam, KWNC President Van Iat Kio, Vice-President Xing Zhihong, Assistant Professor and BSN Programme Leader Ng Wai I, Lecturer and Deputy Programme Leader Wang Sichen were present in the event. 

KWNC President Van Iat Kio presented in her speech the confidence ratings that the College received in the Institutional Quality Audit conducted by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) of the UK in terms of academic standards, quality of learning opportunities, published information and quality enhancement. She expressed confidence in the continuous optimization of nursing education in the College as well as the nurturing of more nursing talents with the assistance of Kiang Wu Hospital as a major clinical placement venue. Assistant Director of Kiang Wu Hospital Fok Wai Lan congratulated KWNC on the success in its Institutional Quality Audit and expressed appreciation of the hard works and contributions of the College especially the persistence in ensuring its students to have adequate clinical practice even under the current situation of manpower shortage.

Teachers Ng Wai I and Wang Sichen expressed gratitude to all nursing preceptors of Kiang Wu Hospital and showed appreciation to their efforts in providing a clinical learning environment that students can easily adapt to. Deputy Chief of Nursing Department of Kiang Wu Hospital Ng Ngai expressed concerns in terms of the optimization of teaching environment. She also commented that due to the geographical advantages between the College and Kiang Wu Hospital, their communication should be one of the strengths in pushing further the nurturing of more nursing talents. 

The workshop continued with the sharing of clinical instruction experiences of Nurse Leong Ieng Chio. In her speech, she emphasized that nursing preceptors should let students work on their own while keeping an eye on them during clinical teaching. She also expressed the needs for value-adding among preceptors in order to receive the most updated nursing knowledge and to impart them to students. Nurse Wong Peng Sam commented that the practical ability of students needs to be further strengthened. However, students nowadays are daring to speak up and question what they are learning, allowing teachers to know better about their learning needs and level of understanding of the knowledge. All nursing preceptors agreed that the care for each individual student in terms of learning needs shall be emphasized in addition to the teaching of knowledge so as to create a less stressful learning environment for them.