Students from Centro de Actividades Juvenis do Bairro do Hipódromo Visits KWNC: Getting Know of Nursing Profession for Better Career Planning

  • Visitors of "Occupation Microscope" and the representatives of KWNC

  • Simulation facilities provoked study interests of secondary school students

  • Visiting students experiencing nursing simulation operation

  • Admission criteria were part of the students' concern

In the programme called "Occupation Microscope" organized by Centro de Actividades Juvenis do Bairro do Hipódromo, 20 students from visited Mong Ha Campus on 2nd July.   Through this visit, students were able to have more understanding about nursing programme, the occupational mission and objective of being a paramedic, they could also get the concept of work contents and occupational prospects of different jobs, whereby plan their career path in a properly early stage.

Secondary school and senior secondary school students formed the major visiting group.   They paid visit to Childbearing and Adolescent Nursing Laboratory and Adult Nursing Laboratory, wherein the year 3 and year 4 students of KWNC guided them to perform feeding nursing, bedside nursing, operation of pregnancy simulation and so on.   Afterwards, exchange activity was held in classroom.   The visiting students were interested about the subjects in nursing programme, such as the elective course – Life and Death Education.   Besides, the prospects after graduating from nursing programme was also their concern, regarding which, the public relation personnel of KWNC had given detailed answers.   During the exchange, the current students of KWNC shared their experience of their days in the nursing college and their experience of study.