Senior Middle School Students from Pooi To Middle School Experience the Role of Being Nurses in KWNC

  • Students from Macau Pooi To Middle School listening to the introduction of KWNC

  • Playing the role of patient and medical carer

  • Nursing student demonstrating how to bathe a newborn baby

  • Learning how to wrap wounds

  • Simulating elderly's walk

  • Visitors from Macau Pooi To Middle School and participants from KWNC

Approximately 40 visitors composed of soon-to-be-grade-3 senior secondary students and social workers from Macau Pooi To Middle School visited Mong Ha Campus at 15:00 on 6th July, so as to understand the scope of learning in nursing profession and the admission requirement.    The visitors also experienced being a nursing student under the guidance of current KWNC students. 

Before looking around in KWNC, the teachers and students from Pooi To Middle School were arranged to be seated in a classroom, wherein they were given brief introduction about KWNC, the contents of nursing study, life in college and application information.   After the introduction, the visitors were divided into groups and went to "Childbearing and Adolescent Nursing Laboratory", "Geriatric and Rehabilitation Nursing Laboratory" and "Adult Nursing Laboratory".   After the demonstration of nursing students and under their guidance, the visitors made their first try to bathe newborn baby, to wear pregnancy simulation suit and geriatric simulation suit.   They had also experienced bedside feeding, using walking aids and wrapping wounds.   Furthermore, KWNC students provided them with demonstration of first aid and intravenous injection.    As the visitors were experiencing the role of carers and the ones being cared, all students were very devoted and they all had share their feelings about this experience in the sharing session.   They opined that this experience allowed them to have more understanding about nursing profession, helping them to determine the direction for further education in the future. 

The as the sharing session ended, all participants in this activity took group photo in the classroom and proceeded to the library.   The activity of experiencing the role of nurse came to a fruitful end at 17:00.