KWNC Staff and Students Receive Awards in the World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities

  • Group photo of KWNC delegation and participants at the Congress

A delegation of eleven staff and students from Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) travelled to Beijing for the "13th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities" from 23 to 26 September, 2016. Hosted by the Association of Long Term Care for Elderly in Chinese Communities and Renmin University of China and co-organized by KWNC and other institutions, the theme of the Congress this year was "Integrated Services on Long Term Care – System, Training and Development". KWNC delegation took part in 3 oral presentations and 4 poster presentations and have received both the "Best Poster Presentation Award" and "Best Oral Presentation Award". In addition, Professor Zhu Mingxia was also invited to host a conference on "Human Resources in LTC (long-term care) Services".

The Congress has not only attracted scholars from Mainland China, but also experts from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan in sharing their experiences. The seven students who took part in the Congress were subsidized by the Tertiary Education Services Office of the Macao SAR Government and the topics of the four poster presentation they have contributed in were "A study on the status of "active ageing" among older persons in Macao", "A study on the feasibility in adopting free-access elderly homes in Macao", "A study on the adaptability of community housing in Macao", and "A study on prevention scheme for pressure sore occurrence in elderly homes in Macao". Associate Professor Leong Sok Man took part in an oral presentation about the "Development of curriculum system in nurturing long term caregivers at different levels", which has drawn tremendous responses from the audience when sharing about relevant implementations of the College. Lecturer Lei Wai In and Chao Ka Kei gave presentations on "A relevance analysis on older persons with chronic disease and utilization of medical services in Macao" and "A survey study on death anxiety among older persons in Macao" respectively to share with the audience the current status of older persons in Macao.

The participants of the Congress have shown much interest in the status of older persons in Macao and students were able to undergo active exchanges with the participants on relevant topics through the Congress. Students expressed that they have gained broader visions towards the ageing issues in the Chinese communities and have learnt about different strategies and measures applied by different regions, which have helped them to gain further understanding and knowledge of care for older persons.