Research Sharing Session Takes Place to Introduce New Research Methods and Concepts

  • KWNC holds research sharing sessions on a regular basis throughout the year

Research Management and Development Department (RMD) of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) held its research sharing session in the afternoon of 30 September where Department's Executive Officer introduced the highlights of modified research management methods for academic year 2016/2017, followed by an introduction to the works of Nursing & Health Education Research Centre (NHC) by the Head of the Centre.

Associate Professor Hu Xiao Xia reported the progress of her project "A Study on the Need for Parenting Education in Macao: The First Phase of Parenting Education Project". She explained that parenting in Macao today faces a variety of challenges and parenting can be the origin of numerous health and social issues. It is therefore the objective of her research team in developing a suitable educational programme on parenting for Macao and to study the long-term efficiency of such programme. 

Deputy Executive Officer of RMD Professor Zhu Mingxia clarified the application process of research projects as well as the different support provided for researchers at different research stages. She emphasized that it is important to merge both teaching and social service concepts when planning for the research and submit relevant supportive documents upon application. 

Head of NHC and President of KWNC Professor Van Iat Kio introduced the daily operations and future development plans of the Centre and encouraged all College staff to actively contribute to the development of projects in relation to social services. Professor Zeng Wen then introduced the registration status of the Big Data for NHC.