KWNC Theme Talk Introduces Developmental Pediatrics and Services of Children Assessment Centre in Macao

  • Dr. Lee Pui I

  • Dr. Lee Pui I introducing the pediatric services of Conde de São Januário Hospital

  • KWNC Lecturer Li Xiang expressing gratitude to Dr. Lee for sharing her knowledge and experiences

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) organized a theme talk at the Auditorium of Kiang Wu Hospital on 7 October, 2016, where Chair of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eradication of Poliomyelitis and Chief Doctor of Pediatrics and Neonatology Department of Conde de São Januário Hospital Dr. Lee Pui I was invited to share about the "Developmental Pediatrics and Services of Children Assessment Centre in Macao" so as to raise the knowledge and understanding of local pediatrics development among participants. The theme talk was moderated by KWNC Lecturer Li Xiang and about 300 participants took part in the activity.

Dr. Lee first introduced the pediatrics and neonatology services of Conde de São Januário Hospital, current status of Developmental Pediatrics, child development milestone as well as the establishment and functions of the Children Assessment Centre. She expressed that there are many misunderstanding among the public in terms of children's growth and development. For instance, parents might think that their children are having developmental delay when they are not growing or learning as fast as other children of the same age are. However, growth is not equal to development, and an accurate child development status can only be monitored through child development milestone or functional assessment. Child development milestone defines a series of functional skills; each skill indicates a normal development pattern according to age, though huge variance within the pattern may exist. Dr. Lee emphasized that the development speed of each child varies and any possible slow development can be temporary and cannot be diagnosed as developmental delay. She also expressed that the outpatient services of Children's Mental Development Clinic include follow-up of common developmental barriers such as language development disorders, congenital anomalies, sensory disturbances, autism and learning disabilities.

Due to the gradual increase of population, the social demand for early childhood diagnosis and treatment is growing. In order to perfect relevant services as well as to improve the queuing time and to save clients from having multiple visits to different institutions, a Children Assessment Centre was established in June this year under the collaboration of the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture, Health Bureau, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and Social Welfare Bureau. Outpatient services of the Centre include comprehensive development assessment, mental assessment, ADHD, language communication skills assessment etc., which are centrally handled by teams of pediatric specialists, therapists, nurses, and social workers in terms of assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, case management, education and social placement. In addition, Dr. Lee Pui I pointed out that the Centre will be having a high demand for manpower due to its future development and she hoped that Kiang Wu Hospital, KWNC and relevant institutions would provide support and encourage talents in the rehabilitation specialty to contribute to serving the children so as to soothe the urgent needs of the community.