“Course on Health Care Legal Knowledge” Enhances Health Practitioners’ Legal Awareness

  • Group photo of guests, organizers and course participants

  • Group photo of guests and organizers

The Completion and Certificate Conferment Ceremony of the 2nd Series of the "Course on Health Care Legal Knowledge" was held earlier with the presence of KWNC President Van Iat Kio. The course was jointly organized by Macau Sun Yat-sen Association of Medical Sciences and KWNC with the support of the Division of Continuing Education, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of Macao.  

The "Legal Regime of Medical Error" has been enforced recently, and all health practitioners are paying close attention to the details, stipulations and accountability set forth. The "Course on Health Care Legal Knowledge", specifically offered to practising doctors and health care professionals, aims at increasing health practitioners' health-related legal awareness, and hence promoting their compliance with regulations in relation to professional practice as well as the enhancement of health care services.