KWNC Year-four Students Sharing Their Exchange Experiences

  • Students who had exchanges in Peking Union Medical College Hospital sharing their precious experiences

  • Lecturer Wang Sichen having conclusion remarks for the sharing session

From April to June this year, year-four students of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) took part in the Exchange Clinical Study Programme at different institutions including Beijing, Taiwan, Singapore and Kiang Wu Hospital in Macao, according to their preference. All have successfully completed the programme and were invited to share their experiences with year-three schoolmates on 16 April at College's Lecture Theatre.

The institutions which this batch of students visited include: Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, St. Luke's Hospital in Singapore and Kiang Wu Hospital in Macao. Students who have been to Beijing expressed they have learnt from the medical and nursing staff there that their job should not be restricted to giving care to the clients but also being proactive in perfecting the nursing environment around them. They all agreed that such experience was one of the biggest graduation present for them.

Students who had clinical study in the Hospice and Palliative Care Centre learnt the appropriate as well as unique ways of communication. They understood that it is their obligation to understand the needs of families so as to help them solve the problems and relieve their emotions rather than rationally asking them why they were crying at the first point.

Students coming back from Taiwan and Singapore also shared their experiences, through which valuable nursing technologies, instruments and knowledge were introduced to the audiences.

Deputy Programme Leader of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Programme Lecturer Wang Sichen was the person-in-charge of the Clinical Study Exchange Programme. On her closing remarks for the sharing session she expressed gratitude to the students who took part in the exchange as they voluntarily participated in this clinical exchange in addition to their current clinical study. She also felt very touched for their fruitful returns and most students have already achieved the fundamental requirements of nurse. The sharing session ended with Lecturer Wang's blessings to the students, wishing they could pass their job interviews and be able to pass on the nursing spirits and caring hearts to the community.