KWNC Promotes Life Education by Proactively Nurturing “Life Facilitators”

  • Opening Ceremony of "Life Facilitator Training on Life Education and Service Facilities for Older Adults"

With the subsidization of the Social Welfare Bureau of the Macao SAR Government, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) opened a training programme on "Life Facilitator Training on Life Education and Service Facilities for Older Adults". A total of 23 colleagues from the Social Welfare Bureau and local service institutions for older adults took part in this programme.

The opening ceremony of the programme took place on 18 July at the Mong Ha Campus, where Ms. Lo Sok Ha, Division Head of Senior Service Division of Social Welfare Bureau expressed the initiatives of this programme. It is hoped that through the completion of this course, participants are able to spread the messages of life education to the older adults and their family members, despite whether they would have to deal with any hospice procedures at their job position. In addition, they can be trained to assist the older persons to plan for their final days according to their preference. Ms. Lo then wished students great success, and hoped they can contribute this new knowledge to the community so that life education in Macao can be further developed. 

Leader of this programme Professor Zhu Mingxia of KWNC emphasized the importance of promoting life education in Macao. This programme therefore educates students the positive attitude and values to be developed while facing death, so that they can serve the older adults and their family members with appropriate mindsets and methods. The training crew will include Professor Zhu Mingxia, Lecturer Wang Sichen, Chao Ka Kei, Lok Ka In and Li Xiang. The setting of this programme is an integration of theoretical lecture and practical workshop which emphasizes student-teacher interactions. As the lectures are relatively intensive, lots of teacher supervisions will be given to students after class in order to help them master the knowledge. Moreover, on-site visit and experiential training will be provided; through the visit to local hospice care institutions and funeral service institutions, further understanding among participants shall be gained. Students will also have chance to experience "death" through carefully designed activities, through which more thoughts would be given to them regarding life and death.