KWNC President Van Expects New Opportunities to Be Brought by the Belt and Road Initiatives

  • KWNC President Van hopes to work with the medical professionals in Myanmar

  • Guest speakers of this forum hoped that the Belt and Road Initiative will further facilitate the economic and trade cooperation among different countries

        Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) President Van Iat Kio attended the “Forum of ‘One Belt One Road’ Business Opportunities with Myanmar & The Cooperative Development Agreement Signing Ceremony” on 11 August, 2017, where she shared her experiences to Myanmar with Macau Myanmar Overseas Chinese Industrial and Commercial Advancement Association. In her speech, three student recruitment suggestions were brought up and it is hoped that a friendly partnership between the medical profession in Macao and Myanmar can be built.   

        President Van shared about her very first trip to Myanmar, where she was so amazed by the pure and peaceful culture. She expressed gratitude to the Macau Myanmar Overseas Chinese Industrial and Commercial Advancement Association for organizing the trip so that they could pay a visit to the Ministry of Education for exchanging precious information as well as tours to the Asia Language and Business Academy and local hospitals. Seeing the advanced facilities equipped in the hospitals, President Van hoped that further cooperative relationship can be built between Macao and Myanmar so as to further improve the development of medical profession in both places.       

        Along with the development led by the Belt and Road Initiative in neighboring countries, this trip would be very beneficial to the student recruitment in future, opined by President Van. Foreseeing the development of nursing to becoming a mainstream discipline, she brought up three main recruitment suggestions that require further study namely to push further the promotion of Macao’s higher education in Myanmar, to work on the teaching medium and relevant grants for students as well as to study the feasibility of employment in Myanmar after students have graduated from Macao.