KWNC Commences Six Programmes with Nearly Two Hundred New Students

  • KWNC President Van Iat Kio encouraging new students on their upcoming studies

  • Opening Ceremony of "Health Care Course"

  • Students are getting ready for their challenges of the new academic year

The programmes offered by Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau in Academic Year 2017/2018 including "Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Programme", "Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Supplementary (BSNS) Programme", "Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing (PDAN) Programme", "Nursing Professional Master Degree Graduate Student Programme" and "Certificate Programme in Applied Gerontology (CAG)" commenced on 28 August 2017, while the opening ceremony of "Health Care Course" took place on the first day of September, receiving 195 new students from six programmes altogether. Amongst which, the BSN programme has even reached a record high of 105 intakes.

Due to typhoon "Hato", the College Reopening Ceremony originally scheduled on 25 August was cancelled and replaced by a video of KWNC President Van, where she encouraged students to proactively take part in the community rescue works as such are also the roles and responsibilities they will be taking up as a nurse in the near future. In addition, she welcomed the students for being part of the College, and wished that they would learn more professional nursing knowledge to make contributions to the community with their professionalism.

This year, the "Biliteracy and Trilingualism" Education Policy will be further intensified to provide different support for students in order to enhance their English literacy and academic integrity. Pre-hospital first aid knowledge will be popularized among all teaching staff and students to enhance students' all-round capabilities and confidence. On the other hand, KWNC has always been striving to nurture talents in elderly care; the "Certificate Programme in Applied Gerontology (CAG)" is a brand new tertiary education programme beyond the nursing discipline, yet more than 20 students from different professional fields including doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers are attending. The programme aims at providing practical gerontological knowledge for participants, so that they are more well prepared to provide high quality service for the older population.

The Opening Ceremony of the "Health Care Course" jointly organized by KWNC and Escola Luso-Chinesa Técnico-Profissional (ELCTP) then took place in the afternoon of 1 September at the Lecture Theatre of KWNC's main campus. Deputy Executive Officer of Extramural Studies Department Lei Wai In reported the recognition of this course by the public that it fulfils the demand for talent development by society and most graduates of this course are able to enter the universities they targeted for. She hoped that students of this cohort can bear in mind five important concepts: to be prepared for danger while living in the times of peace, to selflessly contribute to the community, to treat others earnestly, to learn with persistence and to love the country and Macao with their genuine heart. ELCTP Director Chan Ieng Lon reminded students not to forget to develop their humanity in addition to academic knowledge. He also wished that students can be confident and have faith in themselves while they learn to become a self-disciplined and autonomous learner, so that they can be well prepared for the challenges ahead.

Guests attending the Opening Ceremony of the Health Care Course included KWNC Vice-President Xing Zhihong, ELCTP Deputy Director Pun Vai Nim, Programme Coordinator Cheong Lai Wan, class advisers, students of Form 4 to Form 6 of ELCTP as well as teachers and clinical instructors of KWNC.