Over 90% Graduates Are Employed – KWNC Advances in Internationalization

  • Group photo of Kiang Wu Hospital leadership, KWNC teachers and graduates

  • Chairman Lau Veng Seng wishes the best of the graduates and may they continue to create their successful pathway onwards

  • Graduates of "Certified Dementia Care Planner Course" are also present to receive their certificates in witness of their efforts

  • Scholarship and grant awards ceremony

  • Issuance of Certificate of Appointment to Clinical Placement Institutions

  • A total of 62 nurses graduating from BSN Programme this year

On 9th September 2017, the "2016/2017 Graduation Ceremony" was held in Auditorium of Kiang Wu Hospital, where 62 graduates were awarded, among whom, over nine tenths of them had already been recruited by Kiang Wu Hospital and community organizations.  President Van Iat Kio opined that the future development plan will feed for the country's policy and development strategies, and will take advantage of the "one center and one platform" feature of Macao, in order to reinforce the regional collaboration and push forward the internationalization of the College.

The officiating guests of the ceremony included the Director of Tertiary Education Services Office Sou Chio Fai, representing the Secretary for Social and Cultural Affairs; Deputy Secretary of Culture and Education Department of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Macau SAR Shao Bin; Mr. Zheng XinYou, Chief of Department of Public Diplomacy and Information at Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Macao Special Administrative Region; Mr. Au Weng Chi from the Administration Counsel of Macao Foundation; Principle Nursing Officer Ms. Fan Wong Iao Ha; Ms. Zhang MeiFen, the Vice-President of School of Nursing of Sun Yat-sen University; Mr. Cheung Chun Wing, the Vice-President of Kiang Wu Hospital; also the Chairman of Board of Directors of College, Mr. Lau Veng Seng, Vice-Chairman Mr. Vong Kok Seng, Mr. Ho King Lun and Mr. Wan Nang Hon; last but not least, President Van Iat Kio and Vice-President Xing Zhi Hong. Moreover, the ceremony was blessed by more than 600 guests, including celebrities from the education sector and other professional domains, parents and teaching crew.

Director Sou Chio Fai wished the best of our graduates and hoped their nursing career be filled with flying colours. He hoped they could be courageous and innovative, continue to add value through continuing studies, and to keep on serving the patients and families with their professionality and benevolence. Chairman Lau Veng Seng expressed appreciation to KWNC for its continuous contribution to nursing education throughout the years. He also recognized the quality of the College, which has been striving to enhance its quality through inviting different international experts for programme accreditations, not only enabling the College to better bridge with international standards, but also satisfying the new requirements established by the Health Professionals’ Qualification, Practice and Registration System as well as the Higher Education Law. President Van Iat Kio opined that a new page for Tertiary Education in Macao has indeed begun and new opportunities were brought to College owing to the adoption of the new Higher Education Law, China's "Belt and Road" Initiative and Development Strategies of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The College will continue to take advantage of the "one center and one platform" feature of Macao, in order to reinforce the regional collaboration in developing more academic exchange opportunities and projects, so as to push forward the internationalization of the College. She also expected that more exchange platforms will be built so that the regional health industry can be further advanced. 

Chairman Lau Veng Seng and President Van Iat Kio inspired graduates to proactively create their own path, and hoped that they would continue to pay attention to the social development and bear in mind their identity as a nurse. Being an important professional member in the inter-profession medical team, they not only have to safeguard patient's health, but also the wellness of their families and the community. 

Graduate representatives expressed their expectations for their future. Facing the dramatic changes in the health setting in the community, they were all prepared and confident to take their responsibilities and to overcome any challenges that are coming ahead. They also expressed gratitude to the support and care from the College, teachers, clinical placement institutions, parents and schoolmates. 

Furthermore, in response to the five-year plan of Macao SAR, dementia prevention works are further intensified. The first batch of "Certified Dementia Care Planner Course" jointly organized by KWNC, Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association and Macau Alzheimer's Disease Association took place this year. A total of 35 participants who came from different backgrounds including doctor, nurse, social worker, physical therapist and occupational therapist completed the course and were awarded graduate certificate in the ceremony.
Last but not least, a number of scholarship and grant awards as well as certificate of appointment to clinical placement institutions were also issued in the ceremony.