“Lecture on Chinese Culture” is Launched

  • "Lecture on Chinese Culture" was launched

  • Ms. Lau Sin Peng hoped that the society could nurture more global citizens

Ms. Lau Sin Peng Speaks about "Confucius' Philosophy – The World as One Community and Global Citizenship"

To enable teachers and students to have better succession of Chinese culture and arouse patriotism, also to strengthen ethnic pride and sense of commitment, as well as to nurture conduct, KWNC had launched the lecture series – "Lecture on Chinese Culture".  Moderated by KWNC teachers, the series contained 12 themes in total and had invited experts and scholars from both inside and outside the College to be keynote speakers.  The first lecture "Confucius' Philosophy – The World as One Community and Global Citizenship" was given by Macau renowned senior educator Lau Sin Peng and moderated by Associate Professor Hu Xiao Xia on 29th Sept 2017.

Ms. Lau Sin Peng quoted the Confucius philosophy "The World as One Community" in the Chapter "The Operation of Etiquette" in Book of Rites (Li Ji) to introduce the importance of world peace and global citizenship, as well as the issue of "spectrum of human nature".  Ms. Lau opined that people should devote love to not only their country, but also to the world and should shoulder up moral obligation to protect world peace.  Such mission should not be taken by people alone, different countries must also reinforce the friendly collaboration with each other and unify themselves.  Now, the "Belt Road Initiative" and its advocacy of "community of common destiny for all mankind" are indeed bringing the noble thought backdated to over 2,000 years ago into concrete action. 

Ms. Lau Sin Peng elaborated on the historical facts of Nanjing Massacre and the help to China provided by global citizen.  She mentioned that some of the foreigners selflessly saved Chinese people and strongly condemned the savage invasion of Japanese military.  These foreigners even documented the historical facts with books and documentaries, and spread them out all over the world to raise international attention.  Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, these people and all global citizens around the world are bearing the spirit of justice and moral obligation to protect world peace.  Ms. Lau Sin Peng expressed her hope that the new generation could be global citizens and create a colourful path of life.