Lecture on Chinese Culture – Advisor Wei Chuxiong Speaks on “Macao and Xinhai Revolution”

  • Participants of this lecture

  • Advisor Wei Chuxiong introducing the situation of Macao back in Xinhai Revolution

Mr. Wei Chuxiong, Advisor of the Centre for Chinese History and Culture of University of Macau, spoke on "Macao and Xinhai Revolution" at Mong Ha Campus on 13th October.  He introduced the relation between Macao and Xinhai Revolution to students by elaborating on 4 different parts – "Macao and Mr. Sun Yat-sen", "Xinhai Revolution and Macao", "Mr. Sun Yat-sen and Macao after Xinhai Revolution", "Historical environment and role of Macao". 

According to Mr. Wei Chuxiong, since the population and geographical size of Macao are small, plus the fact that it had been ruled by Portuguese for a long period of time, Macao's contribution to China and the close relationship between China and Macao had been overlooked in the history.  He opined that "Xinhai Revolution and Macao" was only an epitome of the relationship between Macao and the country, and that the historical footprint of Macao should be studied by understanding the Chinese history and international history from a macroscopic view.  He also expressed that Macao people should feel proud of the fact that Macao had made great contribution to the country in Chinese history.