Guangzhou Health Science College Visits KWNC for Exchange on Nurturing Elderly Care Talents

  • KWNC President Van (right 3) introducing the College's development

  • Vice-President of Guangzhou Health Science College Xia Jinhua (left 3) raises the needs of promoting elderly care education

  • Group photo of representatives from the two institutions

A six-member delegation under the lead of Xia Jinhua, Vice-President of Guangzhou Health Science College, visited Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) on 1 November, 2017. The delegation was warmly welcomed by KWNC representatives including President Van Iat Kio, Vice-President Xing Zhihong, Associate Professor Zeng Wen and Lecturer Lau Gar Bo. In the meeting, both institutions shared ideas regarding the nurturing of elderly care talents as well as staff and student exchange plans. 

Vice-President Xia Jinhua opined the challenges being met across different regions in China in terms of the ageing society. Owing to the dramatic growth in the older population, the demand for elderly care talents is increasing. In view of this, Guangzhou Health Science College strives to develop the education in elderly care so as to supply more talents in the field to cater the needs of the community. KWNC President Van Iat Kio commented that elderly care is also one of the important research emphases of the College, through which the overall quality, continuing education opportunity, work promotion and leadership achievement among the elderly care professionals are aims to be enhanced.

Both institutions continued discussions on the professional development in elderly care in the regions and Vice-President Xia hoped that the academic team of KWNC in elderly care could pay a visit to Guangzhou Health Science College for further exchanges. 

Delegates from Guangzhou Health Science College also included Director of College Office Yao Zhongjin, Dean of Education Department Zhong Qijun, Dean of Nursing Department Cen Huihong, Associate Dean of Nursing Department Wu Anjing, and Dean of Education and Research Office of Community and Gerontological Nursing Song Shikun.