Lecture on Chinese Culture – Dr. Xing Rongfa Speaks on “Historical Stories of Macao”

  • Lecture on Chinese Culture on "Historical Stories of Macao" allows participants to know more about the history of Macao

Dr. Xing Rongfa, the jury member of the Macao SAR Cultural Industries Fund, spoke on "Historical Stories of Macao" at Mong Ha Campus of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) on 10 November, 2017.
He walked participants through the changes and integration of Macao's Chinese and Western culture in timeline format with vivid photos and drawings. From the experience of navigating to Macao by Western countries to the governance of Macao during the Ming and Qing Dynasties as well as the historical facts of Macao after the founding of New China, Dr. Xing has shared with participants pieces of historical stories of Macao, which has drawn strong attention and interest from the participants. A lot of streets and architectures in Macao still reserve her historical footprints throughout the centuries, which records numerous famous chronicles and biographies including the origins of Jardim da Vitória (Victory Garden), Rua dos Ervanarios and Miradouro de D. Maria II as well as the great stories of Matteo Ricci, Jorge Alvares and Nolasco da Silva were shared.
The one-hour lecture was just too short to cover such fascinating topic; all participants were so attracted to Dr. Xing's sharing as the history of Macao is closely related to their daily lives yet is rarely mentioned in general textbooks. Through this lecture, participants were able to gain fuller understanding and be proud of the history of Macao.