First “Cognition Salon” Runs at Vu Fai Elderly Centre

  • Assistant Professor Lei Wai In introducing the activity of the day

  • Dr. Vai Man Chi introducing dementia to the staff and older adults of the elderly centre

  • Case assessment and analysis for elderly and their caregivers is part of the salon focus

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) and its Nursing & Health Education Research Centre (NHC) has established a screening project on the cognitive skills of older adults with three elderly centres since last academic year. This academic year, NHC continued collaboratively with follow-up plans with the cases being screened and a series of "Cognition Salon" workshops. It is hoped that through the workshops and cases sharing, further understanding about dementia and its resolution and strategy can be introduced to daily elderly carers (including both staff of the elderly centre and their family members) so as to enhance the overall living standard of both the elderly and caregiver.

The first round of "Cognition Salon" took place at Vu Fai Elderly Centre on 13 November, 2017. Hosted by KWNC Assistant Professor Lei Wai In and Dr. Vai Man Chi as guest speaker, the salon included seminar, case assessment as well as analysis. Participants included doctor, nurse, social worker, project coordinator and health assistant. The salon first kicked off with a seminar themed in "Knowing Dementia", participated by staff and older adults of the elderly centre. The second part – case assessment – selected two cases for further cognitive skill assessment and study on any daily life challenges met by them and their caregivers. The third part of the salon was the case analysis, during which in-depth discussion was made among the doctors and caregivers of the elderly centre in terms of current service expectation and further feasible proposals, etc.