Lecture on Chinese Culture – Mr. Lei Hong Chan Speaks on “The Story of Xian Xinghai”

  • Mr. Lei Hong Chan speaks on "The Story of Xian Xinghai"

Mr. Lei Hong Chan, founder and conductor of the Macau Philharmonic Orchestra was invited to speak on "The Story of Xian Xinghai" of the Lecture on Chinese Culture series at the Mong Ha Campus of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau on 24 November 27, 2017.
Mr. Lei started by introducing the biography of musician Xian, who was born in Macao and traveled worldwide including Singapore, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Paris to pursue his music dreams. Having learnt different avant-garde ideas, Xian was inspired to use music to lift the people's spirits to fight against war. He then went back to China when wars were vigorous and when China was undergoing the anti-Japanese movement, and created the well-known masterpiece "Yellow River Oratorio" at Yan’an. After then, Xian progressed to the Soviet Union to further his music attainments. Lei opined that Xian Xinghai was very influential and contributive to China, that a number of institutions in Guangzhou, Macao and more are still named after him and are praising his deeds. We as townsmen of Xian should be proud of having him to represent one of the greatest musicians from Macao. 
Lei also believed that learning music cannot only help one develop positive thoughts, but also nurture one's artistic and literary character as well as cultivate one's temperament and motivation.