Lecture on Chinese Culture: Dr. Ieong Hoi Keng speaks on “The Story of Anti-Japanese War Martyr Chen Guanshi”

  • KWNC President Van Iat Kio presenting a souvenir to Dr. Ieong Hoi Keng

  • KWNC Lecturer Wang Sichen moderating for the day’s Lecture

  • Dr. Ieong expressing her hope that young people could learn to appreciate and cherish the present

  • Group photo of Dr. Ieong and teachers and students of KWNC

  • A student extending his appreciation to Anti-Japanese heroes’ selfless dedication

  • A student sharing his views on the Anti-Japanese War with Dr. Ieong

Dr. Ieong Hoi Keng of the Research Institute of Macao Foundation was invited to speak on “The Story of Anti-Japanese War Martyr Chen Guanshi” in Mong Ha Campus of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) on 9 February, 2018. Through this lecture, Dr. Ieong expressed her hope that young people could learn to appreciate and cherish the efforts made by their ancestors in building today’s prosperous society as well as to take the responsibility to extend happiness to the next generation.

Martyr Chen Guanshi was born in a prominent family. During the Anti-Japanese War, he joined the Hong Kong Independent Battalion of the Dongjiang Column. An invasion was launched by the Japanese aggressors as a result of the traitor’s betrayal, Chen was wounded and captured when covering up his comrades-in-arms in the breakthrough. In face of gruesome tortures by the Japanese armies, he refused to reveal any information and would rather die than submit before the enemies. Unfortunately, he was publicly executed and sacrificed for the country at the age of only twenty-one. By sharing her uncle’s life and Anti-Japanese War story, Dr. Ieong expressed her viewpoint that living in today’s peaceful and prosperous society, it is hard for people to understand the national crisis and unprecedented suffering of people during wartime. Thanks to the contributions and greatness of ancestors and martyrs, young people can now grow up in the happy environment. Therefore, she reminded young people to treasure the lovely moment and things they possess now and to bear in mind the importance of peace and continue to extend happiness.