“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — Professor Tang Kaijian Speaks on “The Zhang Family of Xiangshan City and Macao”

  • Photo of Professor Tang Kaijian

  • Professor Tang mentioning that there is an important relation between the genealogy of the Zhang family of Xiangshan City and Macao studies

  • KWNC Lecturer Cheong Pak Leng presenting the souvenir on behalf of the College

  • Group photo of Professor Tang and teachers and students

The eighth session of the "Lecture on Chinese Culture" was held at the Mong Ha Campus of Kiang Wu Nursing College (KWNC) on 2 March, 2018. Professor Tang Kaijian of the History Department of the University of Macau was invited to speak on "The Zhang Family of Xiangshan City and Macao". He mentioned that the activities of the Zhang family in Macao, namely intermarriage, trade and business, political engagement and teaching were closely related to the development of Macao.

Macao had a close relationship with Xiangshan City. According to the records of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Macao was located as a peninsula at the southern end of Xiangshan City, known as Macao Township. Professor Tang walked the participants through the Macao's history on the lecture. In order to study the origin of Macao people and fill some gaps in the Macao's history, he collected and studied the genealogy of the Zhang family of Xiangshan City, which recorded the stories of the Zhang family's settlement in Macao since the Kangxi's lifting of the sea ban and encouragement of maritime trade as well as their intermarriage, trade and business activities in Macao. Hence, it is evident that there have been already Chinese people living in Macao as early as in the epoch of imperial China. In addition, Zhang Shoupbo and Zhang Zhongqiu known as the "Zhang family's uncle and nephew of Nanping Village" were influential figures in Macao during the period of Hundred Days' Reform in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republican Era of China. Moreover, the latter founded Kiang Wu Charitable School in 1905. The existing buildings of the Zhang family in Macao include the "Zhang Garden" and "Temple of Kong Tac-Lam".