“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — President Terry Sio Un I Speaks on “Chinese Elements in Fashion”

  • President Terry Sio Un I witnessing the introduction of apparels with Chinese elements into the international arena

  • "Chinese Elements in Fashion" marking the completion of the last session of "Lecture on Chinese Culture"

President of the Rainbow Group Terry Sio Un I was invited to speak on "Chinese Elements in Fashion" on 18 May, 2018 at Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC). In addition to displaying international branded apparels with Chinese elements, President Sio also encouraged students to pursue their career courageously and equip themselves at all times through the narration of her own story.

As a brand agency and authorised retailer of numerous internationally renowned brands, namely Giorgio Armani, MCM, Jimmy Choo, and Liuligongfang, the Rainbow Group engages in business throughout Macao as well as various provinces and cities in China. Along with China's prosperity and growing influence in the international market, President Sio stated that various well-known foreign brands had applied Chinese elements such as ink wash paintings, Chinese characters, embroideries and silk fabrics in their apparel designs, and at times might even come with handcrafted productions. Moreover, some of the China's traditional festivals have gradually been adopted in branding and product design in order to catch the eyes of the customers and arouse their interests.

With her keen eye for fashion, President Sio opened her first Rainbow Boutique with MOP5,000 in 1979 through her own efforts. Apart from taking care of the every single detail of the shop, she also paid close attention to the changes in whole market and international environment, and reminded herself to maintain a sense of crisis at all times. Therefore, she described that the path to entrepreneurship was full of obstacles and challenges. In spite of this, she never lost her enthusiasm for fashion and even today her determination and passion for fashion are undeniable. She reminded young generation that they should have a solid career plan and seize opportunities regardless of whether they will start up a business through her personal experience.