KWNC Jointly Organizes Carnival to Promote Home Life Care for Older Persons with Dementia

  • KWNC Lecturer Chao Ka Kei answering inquiries about dementia

  • KWNC Lecturer Chao Ka Kei giving a lecture on home life care for older persons with dementia

  • Youth ambassadors explaining how to use the medicine box for drug management

  • Youth ambassadors applying their expertise in the social service activity

Organized by the Centro de Convívio Vivacidade da Associação Geral dos Operários de Macau ("Macau Federation of Trade Union's Vivacity Recreation Center") and sponsored by Social Welfare Bureau, the "Carnival for Promoting Dementia — Caring Older Persons and their Brain Health in Daily Life" took place at Macau Kung Luen Vocational & Technical Middle School on 9 June 2018. Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC), as one of the co-organizers of this event, was invited to host the lecture session as well as to run a dementia game booth and consultation counter. Nearly 200 older persons and their relatives and friends were attracted to attend the carnival.

KWNC Lecturer Chao Ka Kei was invited to give a lecture on dementia at the Carnival to explain to the participants the difficulties and problems that may be encountered by the older persons with dementia in their daily life as well as relevant solutions and precautions. Besides, she also interacted with the participants at the consultation counter by answering their inquiries about dementia. Under the supervision of Mentor and Project Coordinator Wu Jianwei, four Benevolence Youth Ambassadors were in charge of the game design for the dementia booth, centred around the theme of "Home Life Care for Older Persons with Dementia", allowing the general public to learn more about care for older persons with dementia, such as home furnishing, dementia-friendly labels and signs, and safety alerts, etc. The participants expressed that they found the contents of both lecture and booth game were closely-related to their daily life and they had benefited greatly from the carnival. The Youth Ambassadors also addressed that it was a rare service learning opportunity for them.