Health Awareness Day 2018 to Promote Health among Non-Chinese Residence and Domestic Helpers in Macao

  • Teachers and students are benefited from the event

  • Health assessment for participants

  • KWNC Instructor introducing the Health Awareness Day to Consul General Lilybeth R. Deapera

The "Health Awareness Day 2018" which was hosted by WelAnser Centre of Caritas Macau and organized by Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) took place at the College's multifunction room on 17 June 2018. A group of students led by Subject Teachers of Health Assessment enabled participants to acquire knowledge in health management and raise health awareness through health talk, assessments, education and consultations. Nearly 200 non-Chinese nationals with residence permit and domestic helpers were attracted to attend the event.

With a continuous increase in the number of non-Chinese nationals living and working in Macao in recent years, WelAnser Centre noticed that non-Chinese nationals were more likely to leave their positions due to limited knowledge of disease prevention as a small ailment gradually turned into a serious medical condition without timely care. As a result, this event was specially organized and planned by KWNC teachers and students in order to enhance health promotion awareness and conduct general check-ups and physical assessments for them. Besides, female participants were provided with guidelines for breast care and pregnancy towards more effective health management. Besides, this event also featured a health talk on "Diet and Exercise" to demonstrate Chinese traditional non-intrusive health care methods for health awareness enhancement as well as encouragement of a regular physical check-up.

During the event, teachers and students also provided guidance and solutions to participants' potential health problems and inquiries, and understood their basic needs of health services. In addition, the event has not only achieved the desired objectives for health awareness enhancement of non-Chinese nationals with residence permit and domestic helpers, but also provided students a chance to engage in community practice.

Highly valued by the Philippines Consulate General in Macao SAR and Hội Đồng Hương Tương Trợ Việt Nam Tại Macao ("Macao Vietnam Friendship Association"), both Consul General Lilybeth R. Deapera and President Trần Thị Thu have personally attended the activity. Moreover, the event was also funded by Social Welfare Bureau.