Workshops on “Passing on Grace and Joy” Spreads the Meaning of Life Education

  • Sharing feelings after a “life” has been broken

  • “Mind guessing game” testing the tacit mutual understanding

  • Passing the “life” with care

  • Group photo (2) — participating families and KWNC crew

  • Group photo (1) — participating families and KWNC crew

Co-organizing with Macao Science Center, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) undergoes three life education workshops on “Passing on Grace and Joy” from July to October this year to convey the meaning of love and life to local families. In addition to enabling parents’ respect for life independence of children, these events also aim to cultivate children’s respect for life and their love ability, learning to respect and protect life, experience and appreciate love of parents.

The first event themed “Sharing Joy of Childhood” took place at the Outer Harbour Youth Activity Centre of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau on 28 July 2018, attracting participation of 11 children aged between 11 and 13 as well as their families. Moderated by KWNC Professor Zhu Mingxia and Lecturer Li Xiang, the event has broken the ice between participating children and parents and enhanced their tacit mutual understanding through lively and interesting games. Children and parents were separated into two groups to engage in the “egg toss game” and “egg passing game” to experience life, protect life and appreciate the meaning of life respectively. At the end of the event, children and parents gathered again and expressed their love and gratitude to each other.

The other two workshops will be held on 9 September and 21 October.