89 Graduates Conferred Certificates of Academic Degree — KWNC Continues to Strengthen All-Level Nurse Cultivation for Further Professional Development

  • Officiating guests attending the graduation ceremony

  • Dr. Tam Chon Weng supporting the College to offer diversified and high calibre nursing and health courses

  • Chair Lau Veng Seng mentioning that Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association and Board of Directors of the College will provide continuous support to the development of nursing education

  • KWNC President Van Iat Kio hoping that graduates can seize the opportunity to develop their personal career

  • The graduate representatives expressing heartfelt gratitude to the government, clinical institutions and the College for their support of nurse cultivation

  • Chair Lau Veng Seng conferring Bachelor's Degrees of Science in Nursing and Certificates of Academic Degree on students

  • 10 "PDAN Programme" graduates receiving postgraduate diplomas

  • Multidisciplinary "CAG Programme" students supporting community services

  • Over 600 attendances witnessing the KWNC Graduation Ceremony

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) held its graduation ceremony on 22nd September, 2018. The "Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Programme", "Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing (PDAN) Programme" and "Certificate Programme in Applied Gerontology (CAG)" have graduated 89 students and awarded a number of scholarships and accreditation certificates of specialty clinical practice venue during the ceremony.

The "2017/2018 Graduation Ceremony" took place at 11 a.m. in the Auditorium of Kiang Wu Hospital. All 57 "BSN Programme" graduates who were conferred degrees and certificates have been recruited by Kiang Wu Hospital. In addition, 10 "PDAN Programme" graduates were conferred degrees and postgraduate diplomas while 22 "CAG Programme" graduates were conferred certificates. The representatives of BSN2014 graduates Sit Ka Fai and Lei Un Leng have expressed heartfelt gratitude to the government, clinical institutions, the College and families, and described the nursing process as "a life-on-life interaction". They will take the responsibility and mission of the nursing profession, make contributions to the society, develop applications for clinical research and innovative technology, as well as take forward the development of nursing profession in a brand new direction.

Dr. Tam Chon Weng, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture attended the ceremony on behalf of Chief Executive of the Macao SAR, together with a number of officiating guests, extended heartfelt blessings to the graduates. Dr. Alexis Tam Chon Weng has recognized the College's contribution to the enhancement of the local nursing education and development of nursing profession. The Macao SAR Government will continuously support the College and nursing education to offer diversified and high calibre nursing and health courses, accelerate the construction of nursing college in the Islands District Medical Complex, strengthen in-service training and professional advancement of the local nursing personnel, as well as introduce more excellent and high calibre nursing professional talents to the industry.

The Chair of Board of Directors of the College Lau Veng Seng commended graduates for their hard work and spirit in the local nursing industry and elderly services. In particular, "CAG Programme" students from different professional backgrounds, including doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists have come to learn from this multidisciplinary platform to overcome challenges of the ageing society in Macao. He hoped that graduates would keep the spirit of benevolence adopted from Dr. Sun Yat Sen and educational philosophy of "From Personhood to Benevolence" in their mind, and support Macao's moderate economic diversification for the Greater Bay Area development.

KWNC President Van Iat Kio mentioned that the College has been actively making efforts in the development of specialty clinical practice venues, achievements in accreditation and advancement of local specialty nursing education in the recent years, and would reinforce the cultivation of specialty nurses and advanced nurses in the future. She also hoped that the opening of "Master of Nursing Programme" could be accomplished by the year end for the cultivation of advanced nursing talents in Macao while responding to a number of demands of BSN graduates for lifelong learning, as well as supplementing the shortage of teachers.

With the College 95th Anniversary, KWNC is preparing for the new campus construction and renovation in order to provide students with a high-quality campus and learning resources, and enhance the professional equipment to meet the needs of future development in Macao.