Lecture on Chinese Culture 1: Time-honoured Macao Noodle Shop — Wong Chi Kei

  • Mr. Wong Tin introducing the origin and development of Wong Chi Kei

  • Mr. Wong Yu-fei sharing the design concept

  • "Grandfather's noodles" are distributed to participants

  • Group photo of Mr. Wong Tin and Mr. Yu-fei with participants

Continuing the promotion activities of Chinese culture in the academic year 2017/2018, a series of Lecture on Chinese Culture will be launched in the new academic year. The first lecture on "Time-honoured Macao Noodle Shop — Wong Chi Kei" successfully took place at Mong Ha Campus of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) on 5th October 2018. Mr. Wong Tin, the Managing Director of Wong Chi Kei and his son Mr. Wong Yu-fei were invited as the keynote speakers to popularize the knowledge about noodles, as well as to give an introduction on the development history of Wong Chi Kei and share their management experience.

Father's final wishes

Mr. Wong Woon-chi, father of Mr. Wong Tin founded Wong Chi Kei in Macao in 1959 and has accumulated many loyal customers over the past years. He said on his deathbed that many residents had an affection for Wong Chi Kei and hoped that his son could inherit the business of Wong Chi Kei. Mr. Wong Tin started to study the living, social and economic conditions at that time for the continuity and development of Wong Chi Kei in order to fulfil his father's wishes.

Originating in Canton, taking root in Macao and enjoying a high reputation both at home and abroad

Mr. Wong Tin believed that it was necessary for the historical shop, namely Wong Chi Kei to overcome multiple hurdles, including property ownership, a successor to inherit the tradition, adequate manpower, resistance to temptation, adaptation to the system and development of the times for the continuity and revitalization of Wong Chi Kei based on his years of experience. Wong Chi Kei has become well known in Macao after the joint efforts of two generations and the responsibility to promote the business to the global market has been handed over to son of Mr. Wong Tin.

Sharing experience as a successor

Taking the microphone from his father, Mr. Wong Yu-fei shared his current operational experience. Mr. Wong Yu-fei confessed that taking over the family business in aspect of personnel management, adjustment of operational strategies and development of new products was no easy task. He indicated that the challenges to achieve breakeven and recruit manpower were commonly faced by operators. Therefore, it is necessary to keep abreast of the latest sales models, such as packaging design and multi-media promotion when promoting products to overseas market for the long-term development.

A short story

Recalling his childhood memory of having noodles with his grandfather in Wong Chi Kei, Mr. Wong Yu-fei said that he has developed a liking for noodles since then. In addition, cooking noodles given by grandfather in the old days also became the inspiration of the Wong family to introduce the new product named "Grandfather's noodles". "Grandfather's noodles" were distributed to participants at the end of the lecture.
Lecture on Chinese Culture 2: Legend of Cantonese Opera will take place on 9th November 2018. Please note that details on registration to the lecture will be sent by internal email. Please feel free to contact Ms. Cheong at 8295 6227 if you have any inquiries.