The Fourth Batch of Teachers from Hunan Province Conducts Exchange Studies in the College

  • Teachers from Hunan University of Medicine on their successful completion of the learning programme

A closing meeting for the completion of learning programme for Professor Chen Yuefu and Lecturer Liu Yongmin from School of Nursing, Hunan University of Medicine took place at Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) on 1st November 2018. KWNC Vice-President Xing Zhihong presided over the meeting and presented certificates of completion during the event. Two teachers expressed that they have benefited greatly through this study and they would share what they have learned from the College with counterparts in Hunan Province.

Teachers from Hunan Province were arranged to observe classes and clinical teaching, to take part in research workshops, briefing sessions about the operation of institutions and student affairs, as well as to visit the educational, medical and community institutions during their one-month learning programme. Professor Chen Yuefu particularly appreciated the arrangement of the incremental clinical study of the College, and he believed that nursing students could accumulate experience in nursing patients if they made an early start in clinical study. Besides, Professor Chen Yuefu had a great impression of the elective subject life and death education which he believed could help nursing students correctly understand, cherish and respect life. In addition, Lecturer Liu Yongmin commended the College for its small-class teaching mode which could encourage students to express their opinions actively, and lead them to better master the knowledge learned from class.

Hunan University of Medicine has been appointing teachers to conduct exchange studies in the College since 2015, to date, four batches of teachers have successfully completed their learning programme. KWNC Vice-President Xing Zhihong warmly welcomed academics from other higher education institutions to conduct exchange studies in the College, and she also believed that it could help achieve mutual promotion and play a complementary role in driving forward the development of the College. Moreover, meeting attendees including Executive Officer of Research Management and Development Department, Professor Zhu Mingxia and Deputy Executive Officer of Education Department Assistant Professor Ng Wai I were present at the meeting.