“Lecture on Chinese Culture” 2: Legend of Cantonese Opera

  • Troupe members performing a renowned classic Cantonese opera play named "Princess Chang Ping"

  • KWNC student is commended to have potential to the spear fighting performance

  • Troupe members in glamorous costumes promoting the culture of Cantonese opera

  • Two current Form 6 students having practised Cantonese opera for four years

  • Lecture on Cantonese opera attracting alumni to enjoy the juvenile Cantonese opera

Macao Kaifong Cantonese Opera Juvenile's Troupe was invited to give a Cantonese opera performance which left a lingering impression of the Cantonese opera to teachers and students of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau in the second "Lecture on Chinese Culture" themed "Legend of Cantonese Opera", one of the national intangible cultural heritages.

The lecture took place on 9th November 2018 at Mong Ha Campus of the College. The history of Cantonese opera can be traced back to the early Ming dynasty. It has a unique tune which is enchanting and represents the inheritance of Cantonese and traditional culture. Macao Kaifong Cantonese Opera Juvenile's Troupe has given an elaborate introduction on the background and features of the Cantonese opera with vivid words and images, and enabled students to learn more about the performing arts, including character roles and vocal styles. Two members of the Troupe who are current Form 6 students were invited to give an impromptu singing performance of a Cantonese opera named "Princess Chang Ping", followed by genuine sword and spear fighting arts which enchanted the audience.
In addition, the Troupe also provided a fitting session for students of the College to dress up costumes and props in order to provoke their interest to take pleasure in experiencing Cantonese opera. Student participants expressed that they were interested in this performing art, hoping to gain insight into Cantonese opera and inherit the traditional culture.