Lecture on Chinese Culture 4: The Art of Calligraphy

  • Mr. Mo Xishi giving a lecture on unique Chinese characters

  • Students are attracted to attend the Lecture on Chinese Culture

  • The completion of Lecture on Chinese Culture 4

The Macao artist, Mr. Mo Xishi has been invited to speak on the Lecture on Chinese Culture 4: "The Art of Calligraphy" on 15 February 2019 at Mong Ha Campus of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC), where hundreds of teachers and students of the College were walked through the relationship between Chinese characters and calligraphy, as well as aesthetics of calligraphy through an excursion of high streets and back lanes in Macao. The lecture was presided by P.R. Secretary Ms. Risako Cheong.

The characteristics of Chinese calligraphy are exemplified by handwritten plaques on the streets and the texts of advertisements in the shops. It takes time to practice and gain experience to write a good hand of Chinese characters. However, handwriting has been gradually replaced by computer fonts with the development of computer technology. Mr. Mo Xishi felt a pity for the slow decline of this traditional culture and he believed that calligraphy could not only cultivate the heart and nurture the character of an individual, but also highlight their personalities, and even reveal their health conditions. A person can master good handwriting as long as they find the interest of calligraphy. Moreover, Mr. Mo also conducted calligraphy appreciation with teachers and students and enjoyed the visual beauty of Chinese characters by displaying the works of some calligraphers.