Thematic Training on Dementia Takes Place for Thousands of Police Officers

  • Group photo of inaugurating guests at the launch

  • President Van making a speech

  • Deputy Commissioner Wong Chi Fai giving a speech

  • Group photo of the three organising parties

  • Group photo of all guests and course participants

In concert with the government's policy of building a dementia friendly city, and under the sponsorship of the Social Welfare Bureau of Macao SAR Government, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) launched a thematic training course on Dementia in collaboration with the Public Security Police Force and Macau Alzheimer's Disease Association (MADA).

The launching ceremony of the Course was held in the Hall of Immigration Office Building at Taipa on the morning of 18 March, 2019. Mr. Lau Veng Seng, Chair of Board of Directors of KWNC and KWNC President Van Iat Kio, Wong Chi Fai, Acting Commissioner of the Public Security Police Force, Leong Heng Hong, Department Chief, Lao Hang I, Acting President of the Academy of Public Security Forces, Hon Wai, Acting Director of Social Welfare Bureau, Lo Iek Long, Adviser of the Office of Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture and Vai Man Chi , Chair of MADA inaugurated the launch.

Both President Van and Commissioner Wong stated in their speeches that due to the aging trend of population and the continued growth of dementia patients, the prevention and treatment of dementia is one of the focuses of the SAR Government's work to improve people's livelihoods. In view of this, it is necessary to provide frontline police officers with a training course on dementia. The training will deepen the understanding of police officers on patients with dementia, which will help them improve the sensitivity of identifying patients with dementia and then better protect their rights.

The trainers are both faculty members of the College and supervisors of MADA. The course will be held 14 times from March 18 to 31. It is estimated that about 1,000 frontline police officers will participate.