A visit paid by Division Chief Wong Chi Iong

  • Officials from the Continuing Education are visiting the College

  • Wong Chi Iong, Chief Executive of the Division of Continuing Education, and Lei Wai In, Deputy Executive Officer of Extramural Studies Department, exchanged ideas at the meeting

Wong Chi Iong, Chief Executive of the Division of Continuing Education under the DSEJ, visited the College on 27 March , 2019 to meet with Ms. Lei Wai In, Deputy Executive Officer of Extramural Studies Department on topics such as the effectiveness of the past eight years and future development of the continuing education development programmes. It is also mentioned at the meeting that possibly the Professional Post-natal Care Course is to be submitted to the SAR’s Talents Development Committee to press ahead with the Government's "Talents Training and Testing Incentive Plan".

Mr. Wong Chi Iong said that since the implementation of the continuous development plan in 2011, the number of participating Macao residents has increased and remarkable results have been achieved. In terms of participation, the plan draws on the experience of Hong Kong and Taiwan to increase the variety of courses such as liberal arts education and vocational and technical training while at the same time increasing the amount of funding, making the design of the plan more local, and encouraging residents to make good use of their spare time. As a reference period of three years, 41% of residents aged 15 or above participated in 2016, which is 5% more than that in 2013. The participation rate is also higher than that in the neighboring regions. The highest participation courses include language, management, and business, etc..

Mr. Wong also mentioned that surveys found that some of the participants have made good use of the Government's subsidy and have achieved great successes. For example, with the subsidies, some of them went to piano classes in 2011 and have now become piano teachers whereas some others have become the superintendents of gardening in large groups after learning flower arrangement. Therefore, he expressed his confidence that the continuous development of the plan can be implemented consistently, encouraging residents to learn for life and enhance their personal qualities and skills. However, he also reminded us about the importance of proper use of these subsidies. In the past, 30 cases of violations have been detected, calling for residents and interested parties not to violate criminal law.

Lei Wai In, Deputy Executive Officer of Extramural Studies Department, thanked the Education Bureau and the Division of Continuing Education for their support. Many residents benefited from the plan and were enrolled in courses with the funding of the Continuing Education Development Programme to facilitate the promotion of nursing care in the local community. She specifically mentioned that the Professional Post-natal Care Course has obtained the recognition of China Adult Education Association Enterprise Education Committee under the Ministry of Education; students can receive a certificate on their professional ability. If it is possible for them to obtain a certification locally, the Course will be more attractive to local residents. Mr. Wong agreed that the relevant course materials will be collected and submitted to the meeting of "Talents Training and Testing Incentive Plan" for consideration.