Annual Ceremonies – a Celebration to Mark Both International Youth Day and Nurses Day

  • The National Flag flies again high and loftily in Campus

  • Vice Chairman Sio Chi Wai encouraged the young people present to seek further opportunities in the Greater Bay Area

  • Vice President Xing Zhi Hong has high hopes for her nursing students

  • Year-threes formally enter the annual clinical study after the capping ceremony

  • The Pinning Ceremony strengthens graduates' sense of mission

  • Student representatives' speeches are thought-provoking

  • The capping and pinning ceremonies are the big annual events of the College

On the morning of May 3, 2019, the National Flag was set to fly at 8 a.m. sharp, followed by the Cap Conferment & Pinning Ceremonies later after a Themed Talk given by President Sio Chi Wai of Macau Development Strategy Research Centre to celebrate the May Fourth International Youth Day and the May 12 International Nurses Day.

The flag-raising ceremony was held at 8 a.m. performed by a six-membered flag raising team. The College endorsed patriotic sentiments among the nursing students in such a special day in order to deepen their understanding of the motherland and heighten their sense of national identity. The Cap Conferment & Pinning Ceremonies were held soon after the flag-raising ceremony. Dr. Lei Yin, president of Nursing Education Association of Macao, Wong Ha I, clinical nursing supervisor of Conde de São Januário Central Hospital, Leong Lap Tong, advanced practice nurse of Kiang Wu Hospital, and Assistant Professor Lei Wai In served as the Guests of Honours and presented caps and candles to the Year-threes. Year-four students were also honoured to have Sio Chi Wai, also vice chairman of Board of Directors of KWNC, Lao Sio Wa, head nurse, Chui Chi Ian, deputy head nurse of Kiang Wu Hospital, and Assistant Professor Chuang Yao Chen to confer pins on them, signifying that they are prospective qualified Nursing professionals with knowledge and skills.

Vice-President Xing Zhi Hong said that the Ceremonies coincide with the International Nurses Day and the International Youth Day, which is of far-reaching significance. She hoped that nursing students should not only remember their own mission and responsibility, have the spirit of Nightingale and that of From Personhood to Benevolence, but also must they echo the lofty patriotic sentiments of our predecessors and jointly care for and promote the development of the motherland and Macao. Student representatives Leong Kin Fai and Leong Kai Iok delivered speeches on behalf of Year-four and Year-three students respectively. When Leong Kin Fai talked that as their four-year study life was about to come to an end, he realized that they have gained much more than they gave. Through continuous clinical study and professional training, they have laid a sound foundation and have acquired the ability to be responsible for their mission to "burn themselves and illuminate others." Leong Kai Iok also said that after the capping, he found himself remained true to his original aspiration and was even more determined to devote his life to the nursing cause with enthusiasm for the profession.

The Theme Talk given by Vice Chairman Sio Chi Wai centred on the close relationships among the youth, the Greater Bay Area and the development of the country. He encouraged our young nursing students to live up to their ideals, and forge into the lead together with the country.