Visit of Teachers and students to Hangzhou a Harvest

  • President Van is presented with a small gift as a token by Zhang Chi Liang, Party Secretary of the School of Medicine of Hangzhou Normal University

  • Teachers and students are well received by Hangzhou Normal University

  • Exchange of views on talents cultivation and senior services between tour members and people from Hangzhou Normal University

  • The visit paid to a senior service institution gives tour members great inspiration

  • Teachers and students pose for a group photo at West Lake

  • The final coach ride is the harvest home of the tour

Supported and sponsored by the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region, President Van of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau led a group of 27 teachers and students, escorted by Cen Jiayi, Deputy Director of the Education and Youth Affairs of the Liaison Office, to Hangzhou on an academic exchange visit on 18 to 21 April, 2019. The exchange team consisted of faculty members, nursing preceptors and students from both bachelor's and master's programmes. 

The delegation visited the School of Medicine of Hangzhou Normal University on the 19th and received warm welcome from the medical school leaders. At a meeting during the exchange, Xu Hong, Dean of the medical school and President Van gave speeches respectively. The two sides also exchanged opinions on the cooperation of nursing talents cultivation among universities, government departments and enterprises and strategies on how to cope with the ageing society with teaching, research, and social services. The delegation then visited a number of experiment centres in the University to see students' works that have integrated medicine, art and computer technology. 

The delegation also visited a senior service institution – Lvkang Medical Care Group – to discuss the community elderly care mode "New Approach of Public Private Partnership". Through multi-disciplinary cooperation, the Group implements a model of combination of pension, insurance, home, community and residential care. Members of the tour had a real eye-opener and learned about their multi-party integration, mobile medical and scientific knowledge, and have benefited much from them. The "Lvkang Time Bank", a public welfare platform, and centres of "the Integration of Medical Care and nursing care" for patients with dementia have greatly kindled interest in the visitors. Some members believed that this model of medical integration is worthy of Macau's borrowing. Macao is also capable to help our elderly to make a productive old age. This is also the policy that the Macao SAR government has been promoting. However, the issue of filial piety is therefore food for thought if we really want to achieve a balance between care and companionship. KWNC encourages our students as well as local communities and associations to learn from the experiences of other countries and regions to promote healthy development of Macao's senior service industry and implement similar plans and policies. 

The visit was accompanied by the Commissioner of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office of the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province. Both teachers and students of the tour stated that they have deepened their understanding on the concept of "Internet + Smart Health Management". They will capitalize on the advantages of the Hangzhou senior service model and put into practice what they have learned to promote multi-disciplinary cooperation in Macao to further develop the local elderly care service.