Graduation Ceremony for KWNC Extramural Studies Department Took Place with More Than 800 Students Receiving Certificates

  • The “Health Care Course” broadens secondary students’ nursing industry knowledge

  • The College launches diversified extramural courses to expand nursing education

The “Graduation Ceremony for Extramural Studies Department 2018/2019” was held on the evening of 10th July 2019 at Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) lecture theatre. For this academic year, there were around 1,300 students taken the extramural studies and more than 800 students taken certificate courses. Certificate courses included the “Health Care Course” collaborated with Escola Luso-Chinesa Tecnico-Profissional (ELCTP), also courses held by the College such as: “Fundamental Health Care Training Programme”, “Professional Post-natal Care Course”, and courses sponsored by Social Welfare Bureau “Training Course for In-home Elderly Caregivers”, and “Domestic Helper Training Course for Looking After Frail Elderly”.

In the speech of KWNC Vice-President Assistant Professor Xing Zhihong, she mentioned that the Extramural Studies Department has been established for 18 years. The department has held short, medium and long certificate courses, including health care, first aid, campus health promotion and disciplinary forces training etc. The department has been striving to promote universal health.

ELCTP Director Chan Ieng Lon was glad to see graduates of the third cohort of “Health Care Course”. Mr Chan thought that the course let them acquire professional knowledge, adopt their own attitudes towards life, influence the value of the conduct of life and the course provided invaluable experiences to students. He also pointed out that Macau was at its golden age as the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and moderate economic diversification created numerous opportunities and challenges for the youth, and the key point was whether teenagers were ready to seize these chances. Mr Chan also encouraged all students to utilise what they learnt to serve the people in need and build a healthy society in Macau.

A graduate of the “Health Care Course” was admitted to the College’s Nursing programme and in his speech he extended gratitude to ELCTP and KWNC for providing a chance for him to take the course. He felt the teachers cared about the students. In their professional internship, they were in contact with more people and engaged in different tasks, which allowed them to mature faster, learn how to think in different life situations and actively plan their direction of self-development and embark on a new journey.

Deputy Executive Officer of Extramural Studies Department Lei Wai In, Lecturer Lau Gar Bo and ELCTP teacher Cheung Lai Wan and class teachers of each year also attended this ceremony.