Representatives from the Dreyfus Health Foundation visited the College to promote project development

  • Pamela Hoyt-Hudson, together with Chui Peng Wong, issues certificates to students

  • Student makes a presentation

  • A group photo taken with all participants and guests after the workshop

The Dreyfus Health Foundation and KWNC jointly organized the 46th PSBH workshop, which was held on April 25-26, 2019. Participants in the event are our Year 3 nursing students. The mentoring team consisted of professors and lecturers who led the students to explore public health issues, develop and implement improvement plans. Pamela Hoyt-Hudson, Director of Global Nursing Programmes at the Dreyfus Health Foundation, Ms. Lilin Chen, Programme Officer, and Ms. Shengting Cao, Programme Coordinator, PSBH China Team, visited us in Macao to know more about the project, the challenges we face and opportunities we have while intending to further develop cooperation with the College in its long-term development. .

Chui Peng WONG, Assistant Professor and responsible for the project, said that the PSBH project has been going on since 2003. A total of 191 programmes has been launched to successfully provide health promotion programmes for more than 2,000 citizens. Through participation in the project, the public learns knowledge about their own health situation so they are empowered to change themselves and their environments for the better. Students learned to pay attention to the health problems of different groups of people in the process, apply their nursing knowledge and skills learned to design intervention plans for the problems and develop evaluation indicators using scientific methods. The whole project involved the participation of all the mentoring faculty members and is regarded as one of the students’ projects for graduation.

Pamela expressed her appreciation for this long-term project of the College to promote public health. She also made her observations about the workshops that those nursing students were meticulously concerned about the health problems which demonstrated their enthusiasm about maintaining human health. She encouraged students to continue to strengthen their ability to become healthcare leaders and to make sustained efforts to improve quality of life in a global perspective. She also told us that her purpose of this trip was mainly to examine the implementation of the project in Macao. She would try her best to support the long-term development of it and was willing to explore the feasibility to send teachers to the College to help promote the project in the future.