KWNC Delegation Visits Portugal and Belgium Hospitals for Clinical Exchange

  • This is a group photo of Saint-Luc University Hospital’s coordinator and KWNC delegation

  • Director O Tin Lin accompanies teachers and students to visit Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra

  • This is a group photo of Hospital da Luz’s healthcare staff and KWNC delegation

  • Portuguese clinical instructor-nurse introduces medicine trolley to a student

With the sponsorship of the Higher Education Bureau and the support from Delegação Económica e Comercial de Macau, teachers and students of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) travelled to Portugal and Belgium for a two-week clinical exchange from 13th to 27th July. During the trip, the delegation visited Delegação Económica e Comercial de Macau and was warmly received by Director O Tin Lin. She also accompanied the KWNC group to Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra in Portugal and Trofa Saúde Hospital in Porto for a visit, which deepened understanding of overseas medical and health systems and it was an enriching learning experience.

Vice-President and Executive Officer of Education Department of KWNC Professor Tsang Sau Mui, Deputy Programme Leader of Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme Cheong Pak Leng, Cheong Wan and Tam Hon Lon lecturer led 12 students in two groups, one group had clinical training at Saint-Luc University Hospital in Belgium and the other group had exchange at Hospital da Luz in Portugal. They learnt about different facilities and services in departments such as geriatrics, paediatrics, rehabilitation, obstetrics, emergency and intensive care unit.

Students who had training at Saint-Luc University Hospital expressed that local nursing staff attaches great importance to patient’s family members in providing psychological support to the patient. It is also encouraged for patients and family members to acquire nursing techniques together in order to enhance communication between them. Decisions made by patients are also respected. The KWNC students whom went to Hospital da Luz admired the “patients-centred” holistic nursing spirit of local healthcare staff. They perceived that a harmonious relationship between doctors, nurses and patients is beneficial to the health of the body, mind, community and spirit.

The students that had clinical training in the two hospitals were all extremely grateful to the clinical instructors for sharing their invaluable clinical experiences and guiding them in terms of nursing practice with patience. They acknowledged that the largest achievement in this overseas clinical training is experiencing nursing care with diverse cultural backgrounds. Upon their return to Macau, when face with patients with different nationalities, after multi-angle considerations, they would be able to provide appropriate care.