President Van Iat Kio Delivers First Lecture to Master’s Students

  • KWNC President Van Iat Kio has great expectation of students

The 2nd “Master of Nursing Programme (MN)” started recently, President Van Iat Kio presented the first lecture on the topic of “The Changing Health Care Context” in the evening of 21st August 2019 and analysed the evolution of Macau’s medical health system and the effectiveness of policy implementation with Master’s students. The course is the first self-administered Master's degree programme of the college. The 1st programme was successfully initiated at the end of last year and received extensive responses. The 2nd programme begun last week, and 13 in-service nurses from public and private hospitals have been taking this programme.

President Van described the changes in Macau’s medical health system, structure and policies prior and post Macau’s reunification with the motherland to the students. She indicated that during the two decades after Macau had returned to the Mainland, there has been tremendous progress with the medical system. There were enhancements in the quality of medical services according to health indicators such as life expectancy, infant mortality, cancer mortality etc.. In recent years, through the efforts of the entire society, improvements were made to the relevant ordinances’ legislation, and there was the founding of Macau SAR Conselho para os Assuntos Médicos. Many measures have also been adopted in education sector. Currently, not only are there many tertiary institutes already offering various medical professional higher educational programmes, yet they also founded medical faculties and medical specialist colleges in order to train local talents. In the future, there will be exploration on the need of establishing a specialist nursing college. Furthermore, through strengthening the medical system-building scheme, reinforcement of the hardware construction of the Islands District Medical Complex, actively participating in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Construction, and with the nation’s development, Macau’s growth expansion will be facilitated.

The president also articulated that due to social progress and demographic structure changes, the medical system still faces severe challenges, especially to increase the number of staff, raising their competence, multi-discipline division of labour, the development of medical technology, smart medical care and the integration of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area etc. Constantly achieving is not straightforward, therefore, we should know how to cherish the excellent foundation that we already possess. She hopes that all medical staff will continue to exert together and she has great expectation of the Master’s students. The future of Macau will be formed by them. They are responsible to maintain the quality of medical care, consequently, the growth of medical profession and system will not cease and the general public will be benefited.